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Just a quick note that the website is now live. Direct Link to the manifesto is available here > Supporters include. ----------------------------------------------- Akamai, AMD, Aptana, AT&T Corp., Boomi, Cast lron, Cisco, CSC, The Eclipse Foundation, Elastra, EMC, EngineYard, Enomaly, F5, GoGrid, Hyperic, IBM, Juniper, LongJump, North Carolina State University, Nirvanix, Novell, Object Management Group, Open Cloud Consortium (OCC), Rackspace, Red Hat, The Reservoir Project, RightScale, rPath, SAP, SOASTA, Sogeti, Sun Microsystems, Telefónica, The Open Group, VMWare Key Principles. 1. Cloud providers must work together to ensure that the challenges to cloud adoption (security, integration, portability, interoperability, governance/management, metering/monitoring) are addressed through open... (more)

Google Jumps into the Cloud Wave

Busy day for cloud interoperability related news. Google just announced a new service called Google Wave, described as an open communication and collaboration platform & protocol based on hosted XML documents (called waves) supporting concurrent modifications and low-latency updates. In simple terms Google Wave can be thought of like an ajax spreadsheet over XMPP. According to Google, "The platform enables people to communicate and work together in new, convenient and effective ways. We will offer these benefits to users of Google Wave and we also want to share them with everyone else by making waves an open platform that everybody can share. We welcome others to run wave servers and become wave providers, for themselves or as services for their users, and to "federate" waves, that is, to share waves with each other and with Google Wave. In this way users from differe... (more)

A Sad Day for Cloud Computing & Multi-Virtualization

Over the past five and a half years since Enomaly was formed, I have had the honor of fostering relationships with unique characters in the burgeoning hosting and visualization world. During that period of time, a few individuals have stood out from the rest who have left a profound impression with me. These individuals are those rare people you meet who share that common passion for emerging technology as well a distinct drive to compete. One such person was KT Ligesh, the founder and lead developer at LX Labs a multi-virtualization system vendor based Bangalore India. Although Ligesh was the founder of a competitive software company, he and I had a chance to get to know each other. In describing Ligesh, I would say he was an intensely ambitious and creative individual with a flare for coming up with new and interesting products. He had a knack for the corner cases t... (more)

Are Russians Behind the Latest Twitter Attack?

First of all let met say I've suspected something fishy from the start if this latest social denial of service attack on various social networks. The more I dig the more, the more it seems to have been committed & perpetrated by someone friendly to Georgia not Ruissia. I believe this for a couple reasons, #1 make Russia look bad, and #2 bring attention to conflict. More to the point this "cyberwar" was perpetrated for PR purposes only. Let's start off by pointing out the obvious. Why would Russia want to bring attention to the Georgian conflict on the one year anniversary of the war? More-over if they were behind it, why would they attack just one person, effectively making this person a cyber martyr? It makes no sense. This is the last thing they would want to do. The first rule of war, cyber or traditional is not to empower your enemy. Which in a sense is exactly wh... (more)

Vivek Kundra Vindicated

Just a quick update from my previous post about Vivek Kundra being accused of being a phony. Turns out he's not and the only person who is looking like a phony is John C. Dvorak for not doing his homework. In some quick detective work Om Malik said, Dvorak is just flat-out wrong — or at least that was the gist of the conversation I just had with Kundra. He called back and said that it was clear that “someone was spinning partial truths.” He welcomed anyone to check with University of Maryland’s University College and said they will find that not only did he graduate from the University College, but also that he was adjunct faculty member. writer Gautham Nagesh goes further However, after a few phone calls I was able to verify that Kundra did receive a Master's degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland University College in 2... (more)

Cloud Computing Does Not Require Change in Programming Model – Microsoft

In two of my previous posts I have highlighted why I think cloud computing needs change in thinking. However, in a recent discussion Walid Abu-Hadba (of Microsoft) clearly stated that Microsoft’s cloud strategy assumes that they are going to retain the existing programming model for cloud. That is, programmers can develop their application without bothering about where it is going to be deployed. This is how the logic goes: When mini computers came in, IBM did not / could not retain the mainframe programming model for mini and hence lost the mini race to DEC When PCs came DEC suffered in the same way The movement from character interface to GUI saw many companies (Ashton-Tate, Word Perfect) losing out When network based computing transitioned from file server to client server model, Novel lost out A programmer learns a programming platform in first few years of his/h... (more)

Carpathia Creates Government Solutions Business Unit

In a strong statement of focus, Carpathia Hosting has announced the formation of Carpathia Government Solutions, a unit dedicated to providing solutions specifically for federal civilian and defense agencies. This move was a direct result of the company's recent acquisition of ServerVault and looks to be a strong bid to provide secure managed cloud solutions to the federal marketplace. The new business unit boasts ATOs (Authority to Operate) for over 20 federal agencies, support for private agency networks and an active facility clearance. During my interview with General Manager Seth Finkel their intent to redefine the federal hosting market was clear. According to Seth, their solution portfolio will range from traditional co-location and managed hosting to federally-compliant cloud services delivered via the most secure, federally-compliant hosting facility in the... (more)

New Cloud-Based Solution for Sales and Operations Planning

Cloud Computing Journal Steelwedge continues its rapid growth as five new customers select SPPM Release 5.1 -- a cloud-based Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) solution. Steelwedge Software announced a new product release for its Cloud-based Sales Planning & Performance Management (SPPM) solution featuring configurable Executive Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Dashboards, enhanced best-practice based Executive S&OP workflow capabilities, and expanded scalability. Steelwedge SPPM Release 5.1 represents a significant milestone in the product's maturity and development life cycle. The primary focus of Release 5.1 was to further enhance usability, scalability, elevate a business user orientation and extend the supportability of the platform. In particular, enhancements and new capabilities have been developed for Release 5.1 in the following areas: User Interf... (more)

Top Five Predictions for the Spend Management Industry in 2010

Cloud Computing Journal Rosslyn Analytics, a technology company that specialises in spend analysis, has revealed its 2010 predictions for the spend management industry. The predictions have been developed based on conversations with customers, partners and industry experts. “The introduction of new technologies developed specifically for procurement is radically transforming the spend management industry in favour of customers, not vendors, which have historically benefited from the selling of complex, expensive and unproven ERP-class solutions,” stated Charles Clark, CEO of Rosslyn Analytics. “Organizations are re-evaluating spend analysis as a springboard to modernizing their procurement function, enabling decision-makers to standardize the collection, management and sharing of spend intelligence that drives business performance.” Top-Five Predictions for 2010:... (more)

Start-up Claims Better-than-On-Premises Cloud Storage

Cloud Hosting Journal on Ulitzer Zetta, a year-and-some Silicon Valley start-up barely out of its cradle, wants the enterprise to entrust its data to Zetta's storage cloud as its primary storage solution. The start-up went commercial Wednesday with its Enterprise Cloud Storage on-demand NAS after three rounds of private beta tests this year involving primary data, archiving and backup with a bunch of manufacturing, media, technology, education, legal and financial services concerns serving as guinea pigs. It claims to be able to address the worries the enterprise has about the cloud and its security and privacy issues, unpredictable costs, data integrity, and of course reliability and availability. In fact, Zetta claims its service is better than anything an enterprise "could ever afford to do on its own" at a massive scale. It says on-premises NAS is up against hi... (more)

Google Open Sources its JavaScript Tools

Cloud Computing Journal Google Thursday open sourced its Closure JavaScript tools – a compiler, a cross-browser, server-agnostic library and a bunch of precompiled templates – in the name of making web apps easier to build. Recall that Gmail, Google Docs and Google Maps are JavaScript-intensive applications. Well, Google says the Closure widgetry is a key part of the JavaScript infrastructure behind its web apps. And the more web apps, the more of a headache for Microsoft and its ilk. Over 2,200 Delegates at the 4th International Cloud Computing Expo in Sta.Clara CA Developers can take a command-line approach to the compiler, or go through a web application that Google’s provided that accepts code to be compiled through a text box or a RESTful API. It’s also offering a Firefox extension that shows off the performance enhancements. Google said to think of the Closur... (more)